Field Day 2008

Field day 2008 on Black Springs Rd. just off Hwy 4 up past Dorrington

The group

T-Hunters Receiving instructions for hunt

T-hunters ready to run

The upper crust camped upwind

Proof, You can be clean and still smell bad

Dick K6SUU's 80 Meter Station

The Pink Flamingo Hotel

The Traffic Net must go on, even from field Day

Al with Mr & Mrs W6QFU

Rick KF6TEZ and Tom KI6KQR doing repairs and charging batteries

Randy KG6KPQ and Gary AD6CM

The crew putting up antennas or there was a squirrel in that tree

North Dakota

South Dakota

And the winner is W6QFU

The "Tilton Hilton"

KD6BNY Old Robert the Farmers setup

Sitting around the Campfire Saturday night

Watching the fire

Sharlene KF6FBX and Berry W6EZ

Those aren't smoke signals its the Saturday night KD6YCB Memorial BBQ

Judy KI6ETF getting her prize for winning the T-Hunt

Pat KG6JXZ campsite