Field Day 2001



Our Field Day site before everyone arrives


The first arrivals, our competent support crew.

Jimmy (kf6bpc), Al (kd6ywo) and Steve (kf6pbp)


Our Field Day Coordinator Bruce (w6rat) coordinator posing for a classic photo,


but he just can't keep a straight face.

Marsha doesn't look too worried, hmmm I think she could probably handle Bruce.


Our Head Chef Jimmy (kf6bpc) prepares his famous Japanese bacon


Assistant Chef Marsha prepare the American style bacon


These guys and gals ran the entire 10 meter section for our field day.



After unpacking Friday night I need to check supplies for the ATV demo.

From left to right: Al (kd6ywo), Ed (kf6fir), Stuart (kf6udf) and Jimmy (kf6bpc)


A welcome repast Friday night before an energetic weekend


Ah, here comes the rocket science portion.

Ed (kf6fir) : "Where do you want the antenna?"

Paul (w6uhf):  "As high up there as you can get!"


Ed (with trusty slingshot): "Ok, goes!"


Now just to tie string to the fishing line and we are ready to haul up the antenna.


Patrick (kg6azz) ready for satellite communications.


Patty (ke6ivu) supervising the information booth


John's (w6py) turn at the booth


Would you believe the day of the Saturday night KD6YCB memorial dinner, the meat arrive frozen solid.

But thanks to the ingenuity of the support staff, the meat was thawed and cooked to perfection by dinner time.


Al (kd6ywo) manning the talk in station.

 One of the many stations who's power was maintained by solar cells.


"Where are you going to set up the ATV station?"

"Over dat a way."


Stuart manning the APRS station and Ed manning the CW station with Paul and Jimmy supervising.




Bruce and Ed going over the ATV station.


A visit by the local authorities.

We were able to discuss ARES, Ham Radio and how we can be of service.

We also were able to talk about antenna placement and other BS.


VHF and UHF was very popular, especially with our younger members.

Here Stuart is sharing this hobby with potential hams Ricky and Justin.


The annual event everyone waits for: The KD6YCB memorial dinner.

Held every Field Day Saturday night.