MS Walk-a-thon 2000

April 9, 2000


And the walkers are off....

Net Control setup with Al Kd6YWO and Paul W6UHF

Hopefully you can see the antenna and beam used by Net Control

Larry (the cat) finds the radio most interesting

Larry waiting patiently for his turn at Net Control

Rest Stop #1 with Jim KF6BPC and Al KD6YWO as SAG #2

Rest Stop #2 with Rick KF6TEZ

Rest Stop #3 with Devonna KF6TSY

Rest Stop #4 with Charles KF6FOP

Rest Stop #5 with Sharlene KF6FBX

Rest Stop #6 with Bruce W6RAT


Also present but not photographed were:

 Mark WB6BJN SAG #3 and Ed KF6FIR SAG #1



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