Mt Oso Trip 2007

Trip up Mt Oso to do weed eating , replace 220 repeater and work on the new Digipeater.


Veiw from the gate at Wesley

The Motley Crew getting ready to head up the hill

Finally getting the Convoy on the move

View from the top

Finally made it to the top and ready to work

Paul - W6UHF getting ready to work on the 220 repeater

hard at work

Patrick and Darren testing the equiptment

The hardest working trio

Antenna Array's

A big Array

Flowers were in bloom

Local Scenery

A few of the local residents watch the workers

Just taking a break

Just taking a break

I thought I was coming up here to weed-eat!

Resting after a job well done

Telling tales Must be a fish story.

New Batteries

Paul- W6UHF wiring the batteries

Rod- KI6FNM Helping wire up the batteries

Cleaning unwanted critters out of the shack

Looking into the shack at the front of the repeater rack

What the Back of the repeater rack looks like

The work crew

The work crew