Tour De Cure 2001


Net Control as performed by Rick KF6TEZ

Both ends of the spectrum Sag1 (Paul) and Sag 6 (Lucian) at rest stop 1

Rest Stop 1 Davona KF6TSY and Mark WB6BJN 

Rest Stop 2 Bruce W6RAT

Rush hour at water (dirt) stop 2

Rest Stop 3 in Knights Ferry

Al KD6YWO and Jimmy KF6BPC at rest stop 3

Sag 1 Paul W6UHF

Sag 2 Bob KC6TVE

Sag 3 Ed KF6FIR (behind the camera)

Sag 4 Ernie W5NH

Sag 5 Patrick KG6AZZ

Sag 6 Lucian KF6NPG

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