Welcome to my site! This site is predominately an Amateur Radio (or Ham) site, more specifically ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services).

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As you can see, we do enjoy some creature comforts when we practice our emergency preparedness. Pictured is where I stay during Field Day. Field Day is the 4th full weekend in June each year when Hams, like myself, go in groups or as individuals, and try to make as many contacts as we can with fellow Hams. It can be a very enjoyable and social event.


Licensed in 1996, New Years day 1997 I joined ARES. Since then I have held the position of Assistant Emergency Coordinator, Emergency Coordinator, District Emergency Coordinator and Section Emergency Coordinator.


ARRL – The national association for Amateur Radio

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      This is primarily a forum for ARES members to get information and discuss topics. In order to post on this forum you must register and adhere to the following rules:
      1. Please use your Amateur Radio callsign for your user name.
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      This is a personal website and this forum is being provided as a courtesy. I reserve the right to ban/delete any user/message at my discretion.
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