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    Ed HannaEd Hanna

    Your ARES Connect team here at ARRL Headquarters Ken Bailey, K1FUG, and Steve Ewald, WV1X, have a few reminders and updates to pass on. Please distribute this to ARES leaders in your section and users of ARES Connect.

    New link address for Video instructions. The second is just the longer version of the same link.

    Changes to be aware of

    ECs cannot edit the profile of volunteers in their area and this includes placing their team members into the appropriate training level and local ARES groups. This still requires a section level admin such as the SEC or SM. I am working to allow ECs to do this, but for now there is a way around this for ECs. It is the “import template.” If an EC uses the “import template” and has ARRL HQ staff batch-process their roster, this will bypass the need for the section admin to place a volunteer into a specific group. The EC will still need to make sure that the volunteer is assigned to the appropriate level. ECs can request an “Import Template” using the

    address and one will be sent via email.

    If you are seeing ARES members from another section along with those from yours it may be because at one time you used an incorrect link to register or maybe you visited another section’s landing page for training purposes. Your section administrators can not remove the incorrect section from your profile and you will have to contact ARRL HQ using

    and request that the unwanted section be removed, and we will do that for you.

    If there is a need to delete an account, the SEC or SM should notify ARRL HQ by sending an email to

    with details on why the account needs to be deleted. Do not delete the account until you receive acknowledgement/approval from the ARES Connect team.

    If you have questions, comments, etc. about ARES Connect, please use the support email address


    SECs should continue to submit their monthly reports to ARRL HQ as they have been, using the ARES Form 4 Section Emergency Coordinator Monthly Report and emailing the completed form to


    Likewise, ECs and DECs should continue to report as usual. We will transition over to reporting through ARES Connect later during 2019

    Important links to remember

    Video instructions on Google drive has changed. Use these new links, they are the same, one is the longer version.

    Registering for ARES Connect and creating your account

    Volunteers, make sure you are using the correct link when creating an account and inform your EC. Using the wrong link to create an account means the user will not be seen by admins in their section. You can access your section’s landing page by going to one of these links (change XX to your section abbreviation):

    Guy MalleryGuy Mallery


    Thank you for posting that.


    Guy Mallery W6MSU (EC)

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